Get familiar About the Lifelock Theft Protection Company

get-familiar-about-the-lifelock-theft-protection-companyIdentity theft is becoming so sophisticated with the growing world. People are suffering a lot due to these fraud activities. Identity theft can happen to anyone at anytime. This crime is spreading all over the world especially in America. People suffer a lot due to this fraud of identity theft.

Many companies have introduced in the market which helps in protection of identity theft. Lifelock is an American theft protection company which is well known for its service. Lifelock was founded in 2005 by Robert J. Maynard and Todd Davis. It had their headquarters at Tempe, United States, and Arizona.

Lifelock offers impressive identity theft protection system. Their work is to detect any fraudulent applications for the non-credit and credit services. They are one of the leading providers for the proactive identity theft protection services for the consumer, who are at the risk of identity theft.

Lifelock has committed to assist you fighting against the identity theft crime thus it has collaborated with many organizations to support consumer establish a positive habit to fight the identity threat. Their partnership with non-profit FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association has benefited them by providing free training to the law enforcement officers throughout the United States.

These officers play a vital role in helping the victim and protect their consumers from being the victim. They provide many promo code for lifelock so that their customer can avail some discounts.

What Are The Services Which Are Provided By The Lifelock Company To Their Consumer?

  • They help in alerting the consumer for their investment accounts and also monitor the consumer account.
  • They keep a track on the consumer monthly credit score.
  • They regularly maintain the sex offender registry reports.
  • They help in monitoring file sharing network to identify any vulnerability and any usage of their consumer details.
  • They help in providing 24 hours live support to the consumer in need.
  • They also have the criteria for reimbursement of the consumer money if they fall into a trap of identity theft.

Lifelock Theft Protection Company provides many promo codes for LifeLock consumers by which they get a double benefit. They even have many plans for their membership.

These plans are listed below:

  1. Lifelock Ultimate Plus Plan which has a regular price of $29.99 monthly and @329.89 annually.
  2. Lifelock Advantage Plan which has a regular price of $19.99 monthly and a price of $219.89 annually.
  3. Lifelock Standard Plan which has a regular price of $9.99 monthly and an annual price of $109.89.

The consumer has the option to choose any one of the plans and starts to live a peaceful and risk-free life according to their wants. As you never know when you can be trapped for such identity theft crime so, to avoid such activities in your life you should register yourself with this identity theft protection company. You can live a secure life without any threat of being a victim of an identity theft..