Tips to Choose a Microdermabrasion Machine

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure, during which, the outermost layer of dry and dead skin cells is gently removed. It is a non-chemical treatment that can offer smooth, supple, younger-looking, radiant, and healthier skin. During a microdermabrasion session, the dermatologist or the skilled esthetician sands the skin and gently removes the thicker outer layer with the help of a minimally abrasive instrument. The procedure does not cause pain. As it takes only around 30 to 60 minutes, it is commonly referred to as the ‘lunch hour facial’.

Microdermabrasion, also known as microderm, works great for acne scars, fine lines, wrinkles, discoloration, sun damage, stretch marks, age spots, excessive pigmentation, dull skin, uneven skin tone, sagging skin, black heads, etc. It eliminates the need for high-priced peels, face-lifts, fillers, lotions, anti-aging creams, or injections that are used to look young and fresh. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about expensive spa treatments or visits to a dermatologist. A premium microdermabrasion machine can do that for you.

Microdermabrasion Technique

There exist two types of microderm treatments―crystal and diamond-tip. Machines suitable for both these types are available in the market.

Crystal Microdermabrasion
In crystal microdermabrasion, usually, aluminum oxide crystals (also known as corundum, the second hardest mineral after diamonds) are blasted out onto the targeted skin area with the help of a special, hand-held device called a wand. The same wand sucks the dirt, dead cells, and used crystals. This is the traditional method of microderm. Sometimes, sodium bicarbonate crystals are used in place of aluminum oxide crystals. Although they are softer and less effective, they are especially used to treat hyperpigmentation. As they are water-soluble, they can be easily washed off after the treatment. In case of aluminum oxide crystals, a crystal residue is left behind, which needs to be disposed off.

Diamond-tip Microdermabrasion
The newer diamond-tip microdermabrasion machines are gaining popularity worldwide, as they offer the strongest dermabrasion. Instead of a stream of particles, they use a single, diamond-tipped wand on the skin. The operator moves the tool over the targeted area with even and steady pressure, and removes the outermost layer of the skin. The treatment is not at all painful. It may only cause a mild warming or tingling sensation.

Tips to Choose a Microdermabrasion Machine

Hundreds of microdermabrasion machines are available in the market, but the basic principle that is used in these machines is the same. They act as an electronic vacuum cleaner and clean the skin by suction. Machines that are designed for home use are small and portable.

Although the crystal type is less expensive than the diamond-tip one, it requires refilling, as the crystals can be used only once. Different types of crystals can be used and the type depends upon the nature of one’s skin. So, you should take into consideration the cost of refills before buying the machine. Diamond-tips generally do not require regular replacements. The diamond used can be real or synthetic, and so the price may vary from machine to machine. The diamond-tip wand can be disposable or reusable. A crystal-technology machine may end up costing more in the long run. Some home kits contain only a jar of the product to be applied by hand, while some include a small mechanical or battery-operated applicator. The cost of the system mainly depends upon the brand and the accessories provided.

With crystal technology, you can access the skin patch at almost any location on the face, chest, or hands, and even the deeper wrinkles. But with diamond microdermabrasion, you can abrade the areas closer to the eyes and lips more accurately. Modern machines come with a digital display indicating suction power and timer for treatment areas.

Risk Involved
In crystal technology, the crystals may leave the system and may disperse (usually they don’t) into the surrounding atmosphere. But if you use the diamond-tip machine, there is no risk of stray crystals causing damage or being ingested. Some doctors say that the crystals are harmless, while others believe that they can be harmful. It is still a subject of fierce debate.

Strength of the Machine and Skill Required
The polishing action of the crystals is much more dependent on the type of machine used, while diamond treatments are more dependent on how skilled the operator is. So, if you are buying a diamond-tip machine, you need to acquire the skill of exerting steady and equal pressure all over the skin. If you are opting for a crystal system, check the force of the crystal flow. The operator can control the crystal flow (the machine has various intensity levels, one can change the water levels, and adjust the vacuuming action), but the depth of exfoliation is controlled by the strength of the vacuum. So, you need to check the strength of the suction.

Powerful Mechanism
The crystal machine pulls the selected part of the skin which results in a mild swelling. It fetches the impurities to the surface, shoots the crystals, and collects the used crystals and dead skin. Some machines perform these tasks with only one circuit. The machines which have two different circuits, one to shoot the crystals and another to collect them, are more powerful. Some expensive diamond-tip systems come with interchangeable tips (with various grades of roughness). You need to choose the correct one for your skin type and condition. However, diamond-tip technology is not suitable for the skin that has pits formed by acne. The flat end of the machine cannot enter every crevice or pit. And if your skin gets bruised easily, then you should stick to traditional technology.

Crystal or Diamond
While both types of machines produce the same results, it is better to buy a diamond-tip machine, because the procedure is less uncomfortable as compared to crystal microderm. All microdermabrasion machine reviews will say that the diamond-tip system is more safe, as it reduces the chances of leaving behind some crystals on the face, which can cause irritation. Moreover, handling the conventional crystal microdermabrasion machine might be difficult for home-users. And as diamonds are harder than crystals, they can offer better results.

Some systems need repeated cleaning and disinfection after every use, while others come with disinfectant coatings. In diamond-tip systems, the tip may get contaminated with the bacteria from the exfoliated skin. This can easily spread to other areas of the face or body. For these systems, replacement filters can be expensive. One may even find it difficult to replace the filter.

End Result
The type of skin rejuvenation you enjoy after the microdermbrasion treatment that is performed in clinics and spas is just fantastic. You won’t get the same result with the machines that are meant to be used at home. You might be able to see the results after several sessions. But you should not use the system more often to further improve your complexion. This might bruise or discolor the skin. Improper use of the vacuum action can also cause blemishes. The eyelids should never be treated with microdermabrasion. You are supposed to use these face transformation devices wisely and follow the instructions strictly. Also, you should stay out of the sun after this treatment.

Tips That’ll Improve Your Technical

Technical writing is any form of communication in which writers explain about technical or specialized topics to the target audience in a simplified language. One of the classic examples can be a DVD manual or user guide. If you buy a new DVD player, you will also get a user guide along with it. It will tell you about how to use its remote, or how to use the player, besides other things. This helps in using the technology with ease and comfort.

Tips for Good Writing

You do not have to be a great writer to enter this field, although basic writing skills and passion towards it are essential aspects. The job of a technical writer is to learn the purpose of the document to be created, and gather information from the available documents and from subject matter experts. They need to do a thorough research on the topic, understand it well, and put it in simpler words for the intended audiences. In order to do this, a writer must have excellent language skills, along with good teaching qualities so that he/she can explain about the technology to the readers in a better and simpler manner. Following are some of the crucial tips that you must inculcate in your writing:

Understanding the Subject: Before you start, it is essential for you to understand the topic or the subject, at least technically. Then only you will be able to explain it to others. You must be clear about the center idea so that you can put it in your own simple words.

Know Your Readers: One of the important characteristics is writing according to your readers. You must know the target readers, and should write as per their intelligence levels, which may not be possible every time. However, simplifying the technology to maximum is in your hands.

Simple Presentation: Once you gather all the data and put it in your words, it is important that you present it in a readable manner. For example, tables are one of the best ways to present a large amount of information at a glance. They are easy to read and understand. Instead of writing paragraphs explaining things, go for bullet points to make them more appealing. A good data presentation is not only easy to comprehend but also saves a lot of space on the paper.

Easy Writing: Following are some of the tips for technical writers that will make their final document a good piece:
Be clear while explaining an idea
Do not mix two separate ideas, without explaining them individually
Maintain the logical flow of thoughts or an idea; for example, “how to start the cell phone” comes before “how to change the settings”
Try to use only one thought per sentence
Use active voice and present tense
Be explicit with details, but at the same time, be precise
Explain all the acronyms, abbreviations, and jargons to avoid confusion
Try to come with simple words by avoiding the overblown ones
Though it is technical, try to make it interesting for the readers, without sacrificing on the clarity and quality
Once you complete writing, read it again and edit it properly, without losing the meaning or essence
Only a degree or certification in it may not be enough, you must practice writing to attain perfection. While reading your material, readers should feel how smart they are to understand everything so easily, and this is what technical writing is all about. Your only goal should be to make technology simple for the readers.

Tips to Prevent Ransomware Attack

Ransomware threats are not unknown to many users today. Unlike early days of this threat when such attacks were few to count these days, it is bombarding users with different variants and types. It is affecting users across a wide spectrum. These malicious codes are getting more dangerous with the time. Despite the variety of security measures are taken against ransomware threats today still it is hard to decrypt the data affected by these attacks. To prevent yourself from these malicious attacks we suggest you to follow below steps.

Install a reputable security suite: Always prefer to have both anti-malware and a software firewall to help you protect your system from malware threats or any suspicious behavior. Malware attackers come with new variants and versions every time, to avoid detection, so it becomes important to have both layers of protection. If your system has been attacked with latest ransomware variant, there are a chance it may get past anti-malware software. In that case, firewall proves to be the second wall of defense.

Disconnect from the network immediately: This proves to be the effective step when you know that your system is affected by malware threat. Turn off Wi-Fi or unplug from the network so that malware cannot connect to its Command and Control (C&C) servers to receive further instructions for encrypting your system files. If you manage to disconnect the link between C&C servers and your system, you may manage to save some of your data lost as you have stopped the communication between the two systems. Generally, it takes some time to any malware to encrypt all your files, thus you may manage to save some of your files from being encrypted.

Update system software: This is a general advice which applies equally to any malware threat. Keep your system up to date for any external threat. It is a common practice of malware attackers that they target people who are running outdated software as they are prone to vulnerabilities. This vulnerability part is exploited by attackers to silently get onto your computer. This can be prevented as users can make a general practice to update system at regular intervals. In fact, many vendors release updates at regular intervals which can be very useful to save your system from any threat.

Set System Restore point: If you have enabled system restore point on your computer there are chances you could be able to take your computer back to a known-clean state. This way you can recover your certain data. Latest versions of specific malware are affecting “Shadow” files from System restore which means you need to be very quick while recovering to previous known safe state.

Disable Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP): Remote desktop protocol is used to connect to another system over a network connection using graphical interface. As a strong prevention measure, you can disable your RDP service to safeguard your system from any visual threat.  This way no one can access your system remotely to infect it with the virus.

Disable Macro: Macro in Microsoft office documents are used to automate repetitive tasks by recording actions running the macro. Macro recorder is used to record own macros in office documents. Certain Macros which you have created don’t pose a security threat. When macros are run automatically while the document is open it can spread the malicious instructions. It is advisable to disable Macro to avoid malicious attacks.

Show hidden file extensions: Most of the file extensions are hidden in Windows default settings. Re-enable the settings to able to see the full file extension so that it becomes easier for you to spot suspicious files. Many malware attacks your system with different file extensions thus it becomes important to keep a tab on file extensions to avert malicious activities on your system.

Deny “.EXE” in the mail: If you can filter the files by extension using gateway mail scanner it is better not to accept emails sent with “.exe” files extension or files with two file extensions. Place a setting to avert such files to protect your system effortlessly.

Avoid suspicious links: This is the basics to prevent your system from malware threats. Do not randomly click on any link or website as it may contain malicious content. Attackers generally use email links and social engineering tactics to infect systems. Thus it becomes important to avoid suspicious links and emails rendered by the unknown medium.

Backup your data: This is the most assured way to protect your data from any ransomware attack. Keep your data backup on regular intervals so that you can regain your important data in the time of ransomware attack. You can keep the data on external drives or keep it on the cloud using Systweak’s amazing app called Right Backup.

Tips to Boost up Speed of Android

Technological advancements have made the hardware of smartphone’s more capable by the time. Still, the need of better performing software always remains there. For fast and seamless user experience optimization of both hardware and software is always required.  This optimization is more tangible for those smartphone users who always wish to have faster and smoother speed for their smartphones. Thus slow speed and performance can trouble them like anything.

The slowdown of Android devices can be caused by various reasons. Here we can discuss few ways to boost up your android Device.

1. Update your device: Updating your android with regular features always proves to be an effective deal for your device. Keep updating your Android device most updated firmware for the better performance. Google improves the Android OS in each release, which includes ensured stability, better performance & speed, and other features.

2. Clear cache data: Prolong use of any device causes piled up cached data on your device. This cache data not only eats up your storage space but it somehow affects the speed of your device too. It is always a better idea to keep your device clean from cache data for device’s better performance. To clear cache on android phone

follow these steps Settings > Storage > Cached Data. If you couldn’t find Cached Data option, then you can follow these steps Settings > Application Manager > App > Clear Cache. In this step, you need to clear your cached data from every single app to make some space on your device.

3. Disable Bloatware: Your Android device comes preloaded with dozens of apps from the carrier and third parties such as Amazon and others. These apps consume your device’s storage space and run in a background to affect your device’s speed. It is a better idea to get rid of them if you are not using these apps. Unfortunately, you cannot delete these preloaded apps, unless you have rooted your phone. But you can “Disable” such apps so that they can’t run in the background or affects your device’s space or speed. To disable these apps, you can head to Settings > Application Manager > Apps > Uninstall.

4. Use Android cleaner apps: This is the best way to boost up a speed of your Android device. Use android cleaner apps to clean unwanted and unnecessary files from your device. Use these cleaner apps to clean cache and RAM to improve the speed of your device. You can select best android cleaner apps from the long list of android cleaner apps for instant results. Cleaning device manually can attract a lot of time and efforts thus these cleaner apps prove to be a better opt.

5. Disable Unnecessary Apps: Disable all such apps from your device, which you don’t use very often. When you disable these apps they will stop running on your device until the time you don’t re-enable them. These apps are not shown on the app tray home screen, still, they exist on your device. Disabling unnecessary apps provide additional space to run other apps and improve speed and performance of the device.

6. Remove unwanted files & Apps: Don’t download files or install apps you hardly use. Remove all unuseful files, programs & apps from your android device to provide additional space to your device to run better. Delete all unnecessary files from images, music & video files. Remove all such unnecessary apps which run in a background and causes the slow speed of the device. Removing such files will permanently delete them from your android phone.

7. Use external memory cards: Use high-capacity external memory cards to boost up speed and performance of your device. You can use external memory cards in between 2GB to 32GB worth space of storage to support high-speed read & write operations. Prefer to buy Class 10 or Class 6 memory cards for better performance.

8. Keep Less Number of Widgets: Widgets are used for instant access to apps and other services. They remain active always and runs in the background. Keep fewer and necessary widgets to your device.

9. Avoid Live and animated wallpaper: When you select Live wallpapers for your device it consumes more cycles of CPU to run and drains more battery. Whenever you eable the home screen, you not only run your apps but your live wallpapers also. Better avoid them for better speed.

10. Stop syncing: There are certain apps which sync with online services constantly while others startup with the phone only.  These apps while syncing can dramatically slow down user’s android device. Keep Sync off for unrequired services. Keep it On, only when it is needed to upload data or transfer.