Resume Examples for IT Professionals

A resume or rather a résumé, is basically a summary of a person’s personal details, academic record and a career summary. When you apply for a job, your resume is the second document that follows the covering letter and is also the basis upon which your job application would be considered. Thus a brilliantly written cover letter and a resume are sure to get your name shortlisted for an interview with the top brass or the manager of human resources or your would be boss. On the whole, a great resume and a well written cover letter at least assures you an interview.

Resume Tips

Now lets face it that IT or Information Technology is going to be the ‘in-thing’ for a time to come, and it is going to progress at an unbelievable speed. Not counting the recession period, the growth of this sector has been unbelievable and in frank words, when you apply for a job in any IT company, there’s one thing that you are going to face – stiff competition. Thus you may see what I am getting at, writing a really good cover letter followed by a good resume, will ensure that you get a shot at being invited to the interview. Here are some very quick tips and pointers which would hold you to write a great resume.
Standardize: Bring in a certain level of standardization in both the documents. Maintaining a standard print style, plus a standard and uniform A4 paper size is essential. The motive of standardization is that it creates a good impression in the minds of the readers.
Format: Often it is commented that one sticks to the given format, the simple reason is that the reader who shall be shortlisting the resume should be able to swiftly go through it and at the same time be impressed by it. Secondly, within the content and format of the resume, you can be as creative as possible.
Self-descriptive: Let the resume be a very, very short autobiography of yourself. Describe all relevant details which correspond to the position for which you are applying. It helps a lot.
Focus on the Position: Last but not the least, bear in mind the position for which you are going to apply for. Phrase the entire content of the resume in a manner, that cites a certain congruence with the requirements of the position for which you are applying.

How to Increase Internet Connection Speed

Computer geeks swear by the speed of the Broadband Internet Connection. But what happens when you are awaiting an important email and your connection is so slow that it makes you wait for an eternity before you can check your mail. Well, the first thing that one is going to do is curse the service providers! On a serious note, the next thing which could be done is to ensure that the speed increases. If you are not using a broadband connection, go for one. Using a DSL broadband connection will give you a fast access to the Internet.

Broadband Internet Access

Broadband Internet access, often called Broadband, is a high data rate internet access. It is also referred to as high speed Internet access because of the same reason. According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), broadband is defined as having a data transfer rate of 256 kbit/s or more. And this is the most common baseline, which is marketed or advertised as broadband all over the world. It does not interfere much with the telephone lines.

The Technology

DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) and cable modems are the standard broadband technologies. It is one of the technologies, which is used for Broadband. This technology facilitates digital data transmission over the wires of a local telephone network. Earlier, DSL was called Digital Subscriber Loop. But now, it is known as Digital Subscriber Line.

DSL is also the most widely used term for ADSL. ADSL is a very popular version of consumer-ready DSL. DSL can be used with a regular telephone, as it uses high frequency bands. The download speed of a DSL service for the consumer ranges from 256 kbit/s to 24,000 kbit/s. However, it depends on the line, technology, and service level conditions. Typically, download speed is faster than the upload speed as far as Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL) is concerned. In the case of Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL), which is very rare, both the uploading and downloading speed is the same. The typical set-up involves linking the modem with the telephone line. DSL access is the easiest way for a high speed connection.

If you have tried using the DSL and you are not able to increase the speed, here are a few tips to increase your broadband speed.
You can try deleting the Internet temporary files, browsing history, and the cookies.
Check if the security settings are correct.
Check out and manage the add-ons.
Choose the advanced options as you want.
Be sure that you have enough RAM (Random Access Memory).
Try using broadband tweaks. The most common broadband tweaks are TCP receive window size, maximum transmission unit (MTU), maximum segment size (MSS), and time to live (TTL).
These tweaks should be used only after the network is tested and is reliable.
These tweaks, however, may enhance the performance of an online game, but may hamper the browser speed on the other hand.
The best way to avoid frustration arising from a snail-paced connection is to keep the computer memory free as much as possible, and updating the processor.

The security settings of the Internet Explorer browser can be found under the Tools menu of the browser, under the option Internet Options, under which you have to click on the Security tab. Check if the settings are same as they have always been. If not, correct them accordingly.

How important is drug delivery technology

You will have to take some time out and hunt for a supplier who is equipped with the best drug delivery technology.

It is good that you looked out for a good supplier to get your raw products. But you need to check on their drug delivery technology as well. Unless the manufacturer has safe delivery technology, there is no point in developing the best chemicals for supply.  So, when you are looking out for a good supplier, your first condition should be a good delivery technology. Then you can move ahead with other criterion.

Here is why the drug delivery technology is important:


The first condition on which you agree on a cosmetic supplier is safe products. However, have you ever considered that the products developed would be safe, but they go bad while delivering the products? Hence, it is essential that the manufacturer should have the right drug delivery technology so that you will be delivered with the right products. More so, your entire business depends on the chemicals that are delivered to you. Hence, you should be cautious not just how they are being developed, but also how they are being delivered.


There has to be a temperature maintained when the raw materials for nutritious products or cosmetics being produced. It is easy to maintain when these materials are being produced. But when it comes to delivery, it is only possible when the supplier has the right drug delivery technology. This way the drugs or the materials that are supplied to you maintained will for their consistency. It makes them perfect for further use.


While you maintain all the care when it comes to building the right products for your customers, you will need the assistance of the right materials. This is to an extent possible only when the supplier takes all the efforts to deliver only the right products. Partly, it is possible only when it has the right technology to deliver the products.

With so many advancements happening all at once, you will have to keep yourself updated with the transformations. It will keep you briefed about the technologies that different suppliers are investing in supplying their clients with the right products. One such company that believes in supplying the products with full integrity is However, you will have to take your time out in finding and dealing with such suppliers. Maintain cordial relations with such suppliers so that you will be delivered with good products and most importantly on time.

Live Broadcasting Technology

Uses of certain broadcasting techniques have remained the same and are essential to the effective operation of the broadcast. These include the use of a webcasting platform, reliable streaming software that can multi-process, technician to configure all the working processes for a more effective, accurate and quality result.

The rapid and continual revolution of modern technology supplies a compact solution for our daily living, in this way making our lives more comfortable. Modern technology could be termed the most powerful invention of the century due to its intelligent way of global interaction. With the presence of the internet, users can use VoIP service for online calls and can attach and send important documents like videos, presentations and other types of useful data with great ease, but one of the most useful additions of the internet is its life streaming capabilities. Video Streaming allows end users to view live events and content instantaneously in a real-time session. The use of camera enables the capturing of high-quality videos for use as a broadcast via the internet.

This live broadcast, technology enables you to save and store the presentation for future use. Indeed, should you be so inclined, you can even set up a Pay Per View alternative. Unlike many other systems, with ours, you retain every cent paid for a pay per view presentation. Nothing is taken off the top.

live video broadcast is a perfect vehicle through which you can communicate with associates, other professionals, located in different locations. Moreover, you can provide useful services to your clients through a live video broadcast.

What Is  Necessary for a Broadcast live stream?

The following are the major requirements for a live broadcast stream as specified below.

For a broadcaster:

• A video camera to capture all the important events to share.

• Microphone to express and capture sound.

• A computer along with internet connection to process all captured content.

For the spectator:

• A reliable internet connection to receive the live broadcast stream. The speed of the internet can vary between 700 Kbps to 2 Mbps for standard definition and high definition qualities, respectively.

• A browser that enables users to navigate the World Wide Web and to view files.

Live Broadcast Stream Components

Video streaming and live broadcast, technology have been subject to a large amount of transformation over the years. However, the uses of certain broadcasting products have remained the same and are essential to the effective operation of the video broadcast. These include the use of a webcasting platform, reliable streaming software that can multi-process the streaming parameters and a streaming technician to configure all the working processes for a more effective, accurate and quality result.

How Does the Video Stream Technology Work for Us?

It is amazing how thousands of people can simultaneously watch a single video at one time. Video hosting sites and providers make this possible with the best multi-casting performance capabilities. Compressing or digitizing signals through encoders for quick means of transmission so the streamed content can be viewed live instantly through a use of the internet. In an exceptional and life-changing way, live broadcastingtechnology is the most efficient solution to reaching large numbers of viewers all around the world, regardless of time or place.